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"It's her wish. This is what she wants. This is the life she chose.", shouted an energetic young guy in his early 20s.

"I just don't give a damn about her choice. I am the one who choose what's good for her, for all these days, and I now know what is good." yelled an elderly man of age around 55. His outfit and foible typical of a south indian politician.

I saw the scene a couple of decades back, the scene when my dad and grand dad met.


When I opened my eyes, I could sense that I was on a bed. It took sometime to register, that I was on a hospital bed. I could hear heated arguments. The arguments were not from my dream, but were the ones that were being shouted, in reality. Matter of factly they were the ones that woke me up.

There were people trying to abate the bashing. I could hear my dad and my grand dad clearly even through the closed glass doors.

"You are trying to avenge for me marrying your daughter. You fail to realize that you are ruining your own grand daughter's life."

"I failed to recognize the beautiful life that my daughter choose, that lead to the loss of a lot of good days in my life. I lost the childhood days of my grand daughter. I don't want you to repeat my mistake."

The argument continued. I could feel my head throb. I was lost for all emotions. I was neither sad nor worried. I could only feel a void, an utterly blank void. I felt like I was a spirit.

Night fell by. There was silence everywhere. Finally somehow someone managed to put off the arguments, or at least in my vicinity.

I still have no idea whether there were people around. I just closed my eyes, trying to loose myself in the void. I continued to be on bed for a few days. I rarely spoke.

Mom tried to make conversation. "How are you feeling now?" "Fine."

"Are you hungry?" "No"

"But you hardly have anything. Please for your health's sake, have this."


Tired of my one word responses, even mom stopped talking much. I think I was hurt by the fall due to fainting. I didn't know what was wrong or what hurt.

One fine morning I was discharged back to our home. There was the same grave silence. Despite my insistence Anu stayed with me. I didn't speak to her much either.

My Google joining date was due a week. Dad arranged a flat for the 2 of us. Thankfully Anu was also in Microsoft Bangalore. Though I didn't speak much, she was my only soothing support.

Mom and dad bid adieu, getting only a blank face as response. Without risking to try my resolve they just left with exasperation.

Anu tried for the nth time, "What your parents say is right. You should get rid of it. You don't even have Shantanu by your side now."


"Oh come on. He just gave you up for his own aspirations."

"Don't.. just don't..." I stormed off from the room.

That night I was contemplating on my life. Planning what I will do about my uncertain future. But not even once I thought of stepping back. Finally sleep overcame my thought mesh.

The next day, I stepped into google's Bangalore campus. There was a chilling surge of an exotic feel. I gave a reassuring touch to my belly...

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