Don’t walk Away (LXXI)


The semester exams were back, but with an increased intensity in our feeling of importance. The exam fear which eased over the past 5 semesters had surged high again. The reason being the placements and the criteria set for each company based on our CGPAs.

People worked hard to push their CGPAs up above the nearest upper limit or to support and avoid it getting lower than the nearest lower limit. It was one hell of a struggle. The range of each student was already set. Everyone bothered themselves to keep them at the higher end of their own range.

As we saw placements a few months ahead, people talked more about their dream companies and other such placement stuff. My name was completely replaced by Microsoft. I stopped protesting either because I was tired of protesting, or because I really loved being called so.

“Is Microsoft in there?”

“Ya ya I am here.”

“Hey what is the jscript code for going back from a page?”

“history.back similarly you can move forward with the history command”

“Oh then what should I do to assign shortcuts for a button in the html page.”

“Ohho!! You better take my webtech project code. We have used almost all such useful syntaxes. Have a look.”

That was one subject that was fun to learn, web technology. We really enjoyed doing the mini-project for that subject. We built the complete website for our college symposium for that mini-project.

Exams were going fine. The most awaited and horrifying exam of our department’s worst psycho ever, Dr.Sekar’s Compiler exam was scheduled to be the last exam. May be our examination authorities kept it at the last, so that, people didn’t get their hearts broken after writing that exam and lose in the other exams too.

I had done pretty well in all the exams. The one exam that was most horrifying for me than any exam in my life was scheduled to be held on the next Wednesday. My poor internals and in addition getting caught on cheating in the mini-project, the very thought of the exam was nerving.

I had been good at TOC, and ‘Compilers’ was one hell of an interesting subject. But the thing that frightened me the most was him. We finished our ‘Graphics and Multimedia’ exam on that Friday, leaving 4 days for us to prepare ourselves for the battle against phantoms.
That evening Sindhu called for a vodka celebration as we would be leaving to our NSS camps immediately after exams. I protested with reasons like the upcoming exam and our warden ma’am getting stricter which makes it very risky to have vodka in hostel.

Sangi, “Hey if you have abstained from drinking because of Shantanu, fine but why do you post insensible reasons”

“Hey don’t I make sense?”

“Yes you don’t. We have 4 more days for compilers, and warden has been strict always.”

Sindhu, “Guys it’s been almost a year.” I sensed disappointment in her tone.

Anu, “We still have a lot of time why would we have to hurry amidst exams.”

Swarna and Saranya stood there silent. They were all disappointed and they were about to leave to their rooms. I felt bad for letting them down. I suggested, “Ok why not you people enjoy without me?”

“Hmmm... never mind”, “No probs da, don’t bother yourself we just asked”

Finally I made a decision. We left to our gramps guest house. Everyone looked cheerful though Anu shared a little of my reluctance. I tried to avoid drinking, but I didn’t want to look like I was sacrificing for them. So I just had a few sips.

Next morning the girls thanked me profoundly for the place. I was satisfied that I didn’t disappoint them, yet I felt bad. One of my class guys once told me, “How come he be so solid? Have you forbid him from drinking? When nearly 100 of us enjoyed getting drunk in the election treat he never even had a sip.”

We left the place to our hostel. As usual for any intellectual paper we sat in a round circle spanning two cots and started preparing for compilers. Every now and then someone let out some fact or a rumor about Dr.Sekar like the number of arrears he had given to seniors, the way he prepares the question paper such that he could only answer them etc. Though this scared us a lot it was for the good as it kept us away from gossips while studying.

I met Shantanu that Monday, after finishing 3 units. For a few minutes things were going fine, all of a sudden he posted a query, “Where have you been this Friday evening?”

I remained silent. I was in a dilemma between whether I should confess or to wait for him to go further. After a couple of silent minutes he continued, “What were you doing then?”

I felt like my arteries would burst, as my blood pressure rose to their peaks. I started sweating. ‘How could he come to know? Who would have told him?’ but these question didn’t make any sense anymore. I became completely motionless.

“I never ever expected you would…” he continued to speak for another minute, I heard nothing. A mixture of shock and grief blocked all my senses, but my wet eyes could make a blurred vision of him walking away from me without ever looking back, without his loving smile. I sat there looking in the direction he walked away for what felt like ages.


Shmruthi said...

The story is really gripping.... Wat happens next?? Did Shantanu really find out or ......?? Post it soon Elvia.... Btw the exam scene is perfect !!! Jus like how it happens in our batch too !!

arian said...

Shantanu is perfect for u..lolz...goodone...:)

Thoorika said...

Awww... poor girl :(

Elvia said...


How many ever batches may pass, but somethings don't change :p


I hate sarcasm :p



Ajay said...

I really had a great time enjoyed reading it, i can see the pains you took for making it.

To be honest i got this link from PADU midst of my busy work, quite unable to deny it i started reading it for her, i started reading the first part "Adolescence to Elegance", with the flow and language im literally impressed, I slowly started to involve myself, by forgetting her chat pings and even my quarter 2 deliverables, i continuously read it till early morning til i finished the entire part, even a whisker move from my cubicle....

There were lots of quite poetic phrases, im just picking quite few that i liked lot and just love this lines so badly, quite romantic too

"I felt like making a flight and break loose from his sight. But I felt like completely broken at his sight."

I m quite impressed to see a young writer who can pen down all the feelings altogether as good treat for readers, wish u all success to see your novel published as a book

Thanks Elvia

arian said...

It was kinda annoying, U r not a kid anymore. It was your decision to take your friends to ur Grpa's place as they wanted to drink. It could lead to a bigger disaster. I am with Shantanu..u need to be punished and he is doing right thing by giving u silent treatment for sometime. Thats the way relations are..Things are different from eachone's point of view and they lead to small fights sometimes..Things will get u both love each otehr alot..First of all we need to knw if Shantanu is angry with u for drinking , for taking ur friends to booze...or someother reason????
Waiting for the next...

Elvia said...


Thanks for reading, and the wishes :)


He mustn't be angry about taking my friends, as he himself had taken his friends at times though he don't drink. :p

Rohit said...

Ooh. Cliffhanger. Hurry with next post.

Elvia said...


I m not sure whether this chapter really is a Cliffhanger. Anyway will try my best to post the next one asap :)

Nathan said...

Hi Elvia,

Don't know what to write here.

The mistakes here shows that this article is not reviewed.

As I said already I had started to feel the pain whenever you feel it. I don't know what to do except to think that he returns back to you and wipe your tears and hugs you.

No words of consolation for certain pains has to be felt to enjoy the happiness that follows.

Elvia said...


If u have found mistakes, I wish u mail me them. I mean can u review them?


Srivatsan said...

"history.back similarly you can more forward with the history command”
it is 'move' instead of more!

"The most awaited and horrifying exam of our department’s worst psycho ever Dr.Sekar’s Compiler was scheduled to be the last exam"- i think punctuation will make this look good!

"the way he prepares the question paper such that only he could answer them etc" - 'such that he could only answer them'!

you have already said its unreviewed,yet take care of punctuation marks!

and try to give reader , an slight idea about timeline of events. it keeps on jumping from daily happenings to weekly ones.

a good suspense at the end. :)

Elvia said...


Thanks for the review, sorry I forgot to mail u before posting.

About the timeline I don't get ur point. I take time for important incidents. Like life is not measured in mins but moments :p

Anonymous said...

A book is a mirror; if an ass peers into it you can't expect an apostle to look out.

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