The Tragic Break up (LXXII)

Reviewed by Padu.

Happy B'day Ridhi.

I was rearranging my compiler notes’ xerox copy, when Elvia entered the room looking pale and distressed. I had never seen her like that before. I noticed something was wrong and enquired, but she just said, “Nothing” without looking at me. I knew that she was upset, and so I didn’t want to bug her.

All of us, 6th semester CSE students were busy preparing for Compilers exam. But Elvia was lying on her bed silently sobbing. I sat next to her putting my arm around her, “What’s wrong with you dear?”

“He knows about the vodka, and he left me forever”, she burst out with tears. She was shivering, and I could feel her body temperature rising.

“Elvi please come on it’s going to be alright. You are feeling feverish…come we will go to the health centre”.

She simply continued sobbing lying on my lap. I was speechless. Elvia was always held high for her bold and caring nature. She cared for everyone as much as she cared for herself. She was the all time consoler and caretaker for everyone, but then it was for her, the strong solid Elvia.

Within few minutes Divya, Sindhu and a few others had come to console her on Sangitha’s call, as we felt they could help making Elvi feel better. We tried in vain to at least take her to the doctor. Finally she accepted to take a tablet. Divya ran to her room, and brought her a Crocin.

With the compiler exam that Tuesday, Elvia couldn’t concentrate on her studies. I was so worried, and thought of speaking with Shantanu. But Elvia stopped me. “If you really do care for me, please don’t bug him about this. I am guilty. I deserve this.”

I never had done anything against her words in the past. Even in Kiran’s affair, she sounded neutral, though I would have acquiesced with her reluctantly. So I couldn’t call him either. It was not just me, but many of us got worried, because most of us depended on her to teach us compilers.

Monday morning Priya came to our room to clarify her doubts with Elvia. Before I could Say, “she is sick.” she stopped me, and started teaching her. She was not alright, she still looked grave. In a few mins our room was flooded with our class gals.

They are not callous to trouble Elvia in that condition, but the exam was the difference between life and death for many. People didn’t want to put their future at stake by getting an arrear in the 6th sem with placements in a couple of months.

Elvia was not preparing for her exam as usual. She was under tremendous stress. The two most important things in her life were Shantanu and Microsoft. I was afraid that this one exam could turn her dreams upside down.

On Tuesday morning, we almost got ready to go to the exam hall. She looked more pathetic. I always looked up to her as my late mom, whom I don’t remember seeing. I wished I could find some potion to bring back her strength.

We were standing in front of the exam hall doing our usual last minute preparation.
Shantanu walked towards us.

“I always wanted u to be in Mic. Do the exam well. All the best.”, with a hardened expression on his face, which was very unusual of him.

She stood motionless, but still his word must have cheered her up a bit. We entered the exam hall muttering prayers to our fav lord, on whom we were more dependent. Dr.Sekar, compiler professor was our hall invigilator so couldn’t depend much on neighbors either.

The question paper was neither too complicated, nor was it easy. People came out of the hall seriously discussing the answers. I was searching for Elvia. She was nowhere near the exam hall. I reached our room. She was lying on the bed holding her mobile and lost in deep thought. She didn’t even seemed to realize that I was back in the room.

“How did you do your exam??”

There was no reply from her, so I tried a different question.” Have you had your lunch?”

She got up, and her hands were shivering terribly. She handed her mobile to me, ‘I didn’t want to be blamed for you losing marks in this exam, and as an OLD FRIEND I would still love to see you in Mic. That’s it.’ a message from Shantanu.

I was shuddered. Though I felt bad, I never could control myself from envying Shantanu and Elvia. I always thought that they were made for each other and the ideal couple ever.

Though I couldn’t feel or understand the pain she was going through, I could definitely say it would have killed me. I looked up at her, two drops of tears silently rolled down from her red eyes.


Nathan said...


I know you through Elvia and nice to read your thought flow.


I strongly believe that he would have came back to you begging for your love. This should have happened.

At the worst if it haven't happened my consolation for you would be there is something still better waiting for you in your life.

Truly speaking Iam lost dear.

Was it purposeful that you didn't want to write this or a coincidence that you asked Anu to write this.

Elvia said...


I strongly do object ur usage. Shantanu is a man of pride.

BTW lost in the sense?!?

I really didn't want to write this :(

Artemis said...

:(.... gosh too many sad stories for the week....
hope u guys made up....
if not....move on lady...

Thoorika said...

Awww... girl.. Its ok! Things do go awry like this!! It has to go fine after one point of time!

Hey Anu !! Welcome!! :)

arian said...

oh!! heart breaking..
the guy has to cool down his anger..first of asll u guys need to talk regarding this,..u dnt even knw y he is so angry...
talk and all will be fine..
Superb write up

Elvia said...







Nathan said...


You may know Shantanu and love him but here I know you and will feel only for you.

My POV, love takes one's side whoever he or she is. And I had taken your side.

No arguments on this.

I felt that and so asked whether you avoided writing this part purposefully.

Elvia said...


Whatever :(

Anu said...

Thanks a lot :):)

Thank u..

Srivatsan said...

"fav lord"- try to stop using SMS vocabs[;)] in novel.
And take care of punctuations.
can feel the pain..emotions delivered perfectly. :)

In my point of view,turning down a love just for vodka is foolish!true love or so-called true love,whatever it may be,is to let your partner enjoy his/her life and find happiness in their happiness! Just my view!

Elvia said...


Hey been looking for u. Sry I lost ur ID so couldn mail u the posts for review. Kindly leave ur mail ID.

BTW it's nt abt forbidding ur luv from doing something, but it's abt being trustworthy :(

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