The Great Day the G-Day (LXXXVIII)


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I made the best of my preparations in those 4 days. Anu who was quite satisfied with Mic had no intention of attending Google. She also bunked classes for the days, and did the best she could do to help me with my preparations. Unlike my room at home our hostel room was much smaller for us stick important points on the wall.

Even while going down for mess Anu used to discuss algorithms or data structures with me. She shared her Microsoft interview experiences with me, nevertheless Google’s recruitment procedures, where knottier with 13 vicious rounds.

Not more than 30students attended the first round in spite of the relaxed eligibility criteria. People clearly didn’t want to make futile attempts. It looked like Google either ignored the past for the present or they had enough rounds to eliminate people or may be both.

I completed my first round of writing test, and was waiting for the results. Anu and Shantanu by my side, with Anu giving me pitfalls in a technical interview, and Shantanu with his shrewd experiences on body language.

I was very much bored of those redundant guidelines, yet I didn’t want to snub or hurt the feelings of the two souls who cared for me the most. Divya left to class with a warm ‘Good Luck.’

Shantanu barked over his phone, “I-told-you. I got something very important down here” and he hung up.

“Who was on the phone?” a confused Anu asked him.

”Well nothing. I go get you a water bottle.” He left, throwing his mobile on my lap feeling lazy to push it down his taut pocket of his faded jean.

In no time the mobile rang again. I hesitated for a moment, and then picked it up. Before I could say something a voice burst out, “If at all you want to get this done, you must get down here to Bangalore right away.”

I weekly ventured, “hello…hmm.. I am Elvia, Shantanu’s friend. He is not here at the moment.”

“Oh he has started avoiding me like this. Very well then. Just say this to him. ‘Go to hell with your entrepreneurial ideas.’”

“Hey, hey, hang on. What did you just say?”


“Please tell me. What have you got to do with his entrepreneurial ideas?”

“Oh so you really don’t know. Well listen. I am supposed to be his business partner in his dream Fund Management Firm. We have an appointment with the CII tomorrow regarding the initial investment loans.”

“Oh my goodness! I never knew.”

“And you call yourselves his friend. Get lost you people…”

“Hey hold on-hold on a bit. What did Shantanu tell you?”

“He asks me to take care of it myself.”

“But Shantanu wouldn’t be so careless about his ambitions.”

“Oh, is it? You bet.”

“He says you can handle this, can’t you?”

“F**K. If only I had his charms. I would never be able to convince the panel all by myself. It was basically his idea, and no one else can ever make it out as avidly and vividly like him. Anyway tell him that I am not making any futile attempts. If he comes we go, or I am just dropping it.”

“Hmm.. Well you have my word. He will be there for sure. Don’t give up preparations.”

Shantanu came back with the water bottle in a minute. He clearly had seen me talk over his phone.

“Is that Prabhakaran?”

“Ya it is. I want you to leave to Bangalore.” I said in a slow and stressed tone.

“What? I am not going anywhere.”

“You are.” I snarled back. “If at all you want me to continue with my next round.”

He considered his options. “But that moron-can’t he handle that. What has he learned in IIMB for all these days?”

“IIMB! Oh well I think it’s you, who told me education has nothing to do with skill. I don’t care whether he is from IIMB or whatever. I don’t want to make myself guilty of you losing your dreams. Get going now.”

He looked back at me for a moment, and shifted his gaze to Anu, “Take care”

I really felt a little fallen at the loss of his company. It would have been really good for him to stay by my side. For the greater good, and for his life’s dreams, and for an ambition that was more sensible than mine, I let him go.

I stepped into the hall for my second round, praying God for both our ventures.


arian said...

ahh!!! Again a nice one..
BUT Greedy are post the next one soon!!!! :)

Elvia said...


SOrry there will be no more posts for till this weekend.

Shaunak said...

that was really nice of you. And of him.

Elvia said...


yup :)

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