How moronic could your tastes get???

First time ever, I am writing a post in this blog on a general topic, and this would definitely be the last such post. Kindly bear with me for a good cause.

"...10% of the richest adults in the world own as much as 85% of the world's household worth, while the bottom 50% has to contend only with 1%."
-A UNDP report.

I will keep it short. When some moronic concept like spider-man or bat-man could be blockbusters, why not something that’s more logical; realistic and thought provoking movie like KANDASAMY be one?

What’s there so funny about a kollywood movie made with Hollywood concepts. I perfectly agree kollywood is not even a 100th a part of Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t dream big.

Helping someone from robbery in a million populated city is highly stupid than saving a family after knowing the dangers in advance. Emerging unhurt from an explosion is highly insensible than fighting off a dozen people.

There could have been many such movies or novels on this same subject for 100s of times before. THIS ONE IS UNIQUE.

I am seriously very worried about the taste, and the type of admiration we people have developed over the years. People like a lot of stupid stuff, yes of course a little like some crap like I write in this same blog. I do appreciate the literary interest people show over this kind of stuff, but how could someone ever comment ill about some movie like KANDASAMY.

I am not bothered about losing my credibility, consistency or any shit for that matter. I feel satisfied and contented in promoting a legendary thing like this.

The movie is the need of the era, when corporates spend infinitesimal on CSR just for the heck of it, and brothers fight over dollars in decimals, when in half the world people consider a penny as precious.

At this juncture I swear. I SWEAR ON KANDASAMY (God) if at all, by any chance I get this crap published as a book, I will donate AT THE LEAST 50% of the money I make to a selfless good cause, and will put AT THE MOST efforts in using the rest to make more wealth to help more people.

P.S. Even if I lose readers, or get ill-comments or anything for that matter. I have got enough satisfaction in posting this one post than all the other posts I had ever posted as Elvia or the real me.


Nathan said...


Cool dear.

What makes you to become so much sentimental over Kandasamy?

Did you have an argument over that movie with anyone?

Doing good to others is nothing wrong and Iam sure you are not going to loose your credibility because of that.

And your views about this movie again is not going to shake your star status here.

I feel you haven't explained what you want to say here clearly. But anyhow all who read this love you and wish you better.

Proceed dear.

Elvia said...


There are ill comments abt the movie everywhere. Even I was carried away by them, only after watching the movie today...

Anyway hmpf.. it's really very kind of u to support me. Thanks a lot.

Nathan said...


Cool. What are you doing at this time without sleeping?

Its everyone's view. Was it not the same what Arjun did in Gentleman, Rajini did in Sivaji.

Iam yet to watch the movie, but heard from my friends in the film industry that it has some technical flaws.

Enjoy. Take care.

Elvia said...

Now there u r. Anyways opinion differs. I m happy at least that the movie had some effect on me and my friend.

arian said...

hey, thats a very different topic..and a very nice one...
well..i dnt understand tamil but am a die heart fan of AR Rahman and I buy his tamil albums too and watch all of his tamil flicks mostly for his thats the reason am in contact with tamil movie world.. Actually I admire the concepts brought ahead by Tamil directors...especially about Indian or Anniyan.. Beautiful concepts..Really international..but sometimes the graphics and way of treating a scene becomes funny and loses our interest..Especially it happned with Anniyan for me..
I havent seen kandasamy yet...But ARRahman himself was present for audio launch this movie must have somethign special.. :)...
I am saving my comments on this movie till i watch it by myself..But I must say that we ridicule a movie because of its treatment and not the concept!!!I am a big fan of tamil directors .EG Maniratnam..His kanathil muthamital will always b very close to my heart..along wid alaipayuthey, roja ,bombay...

Elvia said...


Kind of u to comment. But I must confess the music or at least the songs were bad.

Coming to treatments and techniques, we are yet to reach high quality techs in our cine industry. This is just the first step

arian said...

BTW i must tell u that i was really thrilled when u mentioned ARR's name in one of ur posts..Remember?? Shantanu trying to get ARR for college concert... lolz!!!
and Hey have u ever toyed with the idea of making a film on ur story?? Just a thought... will have to change storyline littlebit then.may b.. but never the less we r enoying ur posts..plz proceed..

Anonymous said...

Kollywood and hollywood (why do we always have to compare with hollywood)

when this movie is a remake / mix-n-match thing with anniyan, ayan, gentleman, sivaji, and a few more movies...

the songs suck, the dance sucks, shriya's good at what she does, she exposes her skin and ... the song timing is awful.

3 hours a bit more, wasted my money on the first day... and it's useless !

The worst movie for 2009, period !

Elvia said...


I didn expect anything better as soon as I saw u hav commented.

I think I know why I don feel even a bit hurt after reading ur comment completely, unlike the -ve comments abt the movie by others :|

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's very comforting !

Thank You !

Elvia said...


Anyway thanks for commenting :)

Rajasekhar said...

relax elvia... there are all ways two sides of a coin.. also..both sides cant be seen by us simultaneously... :)

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