CoCG's Sequel

I 'm thinking of writing Confessions of a College Gal's sequel, 'War of a Woman Entrepreneur'. What say you?!??

OK relax guys. Sorry for disappearing sooooo long. But I now really need your help. Kindly enlighten me with your esteemed suggestions.



epj said...

mmm ya..that would be a good idea ..but 've to start from scratch to get people interested back u did last time ..remembr :)

Elvia said...


THanks for the comment yaar :)

To be honest u r the only person to giv an opinion abt WoWE

Well the climax of CoCG is the 1st ch of WoWE :)

and yes I would like a new start :)

Anonymous said...


I don't even know that you had posted this idea. But leaving us in distress witout hte final episode of the earlier topics, I think you will do the same on this also.

Anyhow wish to have some good reading.

Elvia said...


I hav planned to give the climax of COCG in WoWE :)

BTW a humble request, pls leave a name :)

Manish said...

Sorry for the late reply.

And about WoWE - Have you not started yet? Am waitin! :)

Anonymous said...

a Woman, not Women Enterpreneur

it's plural... and if you know who I am, I deleted my gmail ;)

Elvia said...

@Mani Thanks for pointing it out, again ;)

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