41. Camp as Seniors

In the middle of the semesters we were pulled in for our elections. We wouldn’t be having much time after the exams are over, as people will leave hostels and meeting and canvassing them will be difficult. Once the college starts there will be very little time before the election.

Last year when we were in our first years, we were not influenced by the elections due to strict ragging restrictions that avoid senior junior interaction. But this year we are in 2nd years and 3rd year girls got busy canvassing us and in boys hostel things are worse, seniors fought in the middle of the night to talk to 2nd years.

I didn’t involve myself deep into all this stuff and advised Shantanu to stay away at least till the end of sem exams. Shantanu didn’t speak much about my academics, since the time I cried in the middle of the class about results. But he didn’t fail to say his tag line, “Do what you like and Do it with passion”.

I didn’t work hard, but I prepared with passion. Exams went well. Tomorrow we have TOC, the terrorizing paper handled by psyche Dr.Pal. Girls started shivering a couple days back. Many feared that their life’s first arrear would be on this paper. This fear epidemic did affect me.

Shantanu called me in the morning, asking whether I could help him with the paper. I did agree eventually. But many girls felt bad about it, as they wanted me to help them. So, we decided on something. We eight assembled in a classroom after breakfast.

I climbed up the dais, with the mannerism like a professor. Shantanu and six other girls are sitting in the first two benches but are active unlike regular classes. I imitated the mannerism of my favorite algo ma’am. I took a chalk piece and started picturing a problem on the green board.

I was teaching for a couple of hours, and I did cover problems that are expected and can account for around 35 marks in tomorrow’s exam. With great complacence, I stepped down the dais. I still explained a few more doubts on paper. After this crispy lecture session, the girls left, and I spent a few mins with him.

“Thanks a lot Elvi, I would have really been in a very bad position in tomorrow’s exam without you”

“Well, that’s alright, but what I taught you is less than what you need to pass, even if you manage to do this with pinpoint accuracy”

“Ya I get it, I have already prepared something, and will revise things, I will be fine”

“Let’s hope so, then how is your election stuff going”, I asked just for the sake of conversation. We are now walking down from the 1st floor to get down on the other side of the building opposite to our hostel for our usual walk.

He with a shudder started, “Hmm.. you are good at algos and data structures..”

“I feel interested about them that’s it, anyway so..”

“So… our department juniors value you…” he elongated the statement blushing.

“Hey cut it, no way, I am not in, and I rather do tell you to keep your ass out of that shit”

“Hey hey cool it, you don’t like it fine, well I just tried, but don’t tell me what to do”

“Hello I am your friend and ain’t I supposed to tell you what’s right and wrong”

“I know what it is, and I do know what I will get out of it”

“ok then go to hell” and I walked away.

This is one notable bitter incident that happened between us. I really cared about his academics, and I didn’t want him to waste his time in something so useless or even dangerous, but he affronted me. I tried to forget him and concentrate on tomorrow’s TOC.

Our bitterness continued for a week, and it started alleviating. This year we are going to NSS camp but as seniors. There are still 3rd years, still we are seniors. This is a new cool feeling to boss around.

The added rejoicing thing about this year’s camp is Shantanu will be coming with us. Bliss bubbles are boiling out of me. My best friends Anu and Sangi along with my would be lover are all now traveling to our camp site.

The bus journey as students is one of the top ten great times of student life. More than half of us are standing, whether or not we have sears. The noise we make made horn useless. The big ‘O’s to everyone and everything around is simply deafening.

Our bus just overtook another, all our hands are out through the windows showing thumbs down with a huge cry. For every vehicle we passed by there would be surge in our pitch. I felt momentarily deaf on a holler, when another vehicle overtook us.

After receiving enough curses from the travelers, and making enough damage to the reputation of our college along the way, we reached the camp site by dusk. Me and Anu are team leaders of teaching team. Thankfully Kiran missed the camp due to election work.

Shantanu being a first timer in the camp, he was not assigned any responsibility and he can’t be treated as a first year either, so he just hung around the site. The next day evening we had a general camp meet with our Sir and other seniors over the camp schedule and plans.

Rajkumar Sir, “We should have had this meet well before we have come here, but as you people were busy with your exams I didn’t want to disturb you guys, anyway myself and your general secretary Lakshman met and have some plans, we want you to give your opinions and suggestions”

Our unit’s Programming officer i.e. the faculty incharge Mr.Rajkumar is a very amiable person. We all like him for his humbleness, and he treated us like equals and asked for our opinions on everything. We really felt responsible and passionate to make this camp very fruitful.

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