Making of the Proposal Plan (L)

Reviewed by Padmaja. Thank u dear.

I got up the next morning. The opening thoughts of the day were the same as the closing thoughts of yesterday. I dismissed those thoughts, and tried to concentrate on the day to day activities.

Time was 5.55AM, and the other girls were still in bed. I got up as I had gone to bed early last night. I got up, and sat on the bed staring at the mirror.

First thing was my distorted appearance, with last evening’s make up all together botched up. The next thing was Shantanu from my dreams looking straight into my eyes ‘I Love you’ followed by the reality of Gokul’s image.

Annoyed I got up from bed and walked to the washroom. Just to avoid my inner thoughts, I concentrated on everything around Oral-B tooth brush, Himalya tooth paste, the oval shaped mirror, the stylish tap at the wash basin, and every other thing.

I was brushing looking at myself at the mirror. For some reason I hated myself and turned away. Mouth wash tasted bitter. I went for a shower, soaking myself for half an hour in the bath tub. Washed off all the thoughts and walked out.

I sat before my dressing table mirror, and I started making up. Dad’s voice echoed inside, ‘Your inside is reflected in your appearance and vice versa’. I worked on the vice versa. I should look cheerful, if I really want to be.

I hit myself, ‘Why on earth should I be sad?’ ‘That idiot is damn unlucky to miss me.’ With this thought, sat near my study table, and opened my laptop. The usual mail from a computer engineer’s group with a few break through developments in the field, and the usual semantic puzzle for a problem to be solved with computers.

I started working on the problem. Initially it was nerving, I concentrated more, and in a few minutes I cracked it down. I tapped my shoulders, ‘Elvia is great’ laughing to myself I shut it down.

Without minding the other girls I just walked down to leave for the company. Itwas just 8.00AM then, and half the city was still asleep. The road was free, and I searched for an autorickshaw. I Got in.

The half a dozen autodrivers there knew, where people from that apartment will be going in the morning. But at eight in the morning, he was a bit confused, as I didn’t say anything he drove me to our company.

The security gave me a little creepy look, though I wass just 30minutes early. Of course that did make sense, though the shift starts by 9.00 people don’t get there on time. Our team area was deserted. Our pop workaholic team leader alone was there, smiling cheerfully at me.

“Oh Elvi guess this is the time you get up from bed”

“Well ya, I am straight from my bed to see our beloved team leader working when the owls go to bed”, I didn’t make any sense, but I blabbered something just for the sake of a reply.

He laughing, “You don’t look like you have come directly from bed”

Neither I cared to reply nor was he looking for one. I sat before my terminal, pressed the power button with HP embossed on it. I comfortably leaned on the cozy chair waiting for Windows to load.

Windows 2000 in the blue background flashed bright. I tried to recall the reasons cited for sticking to 2000, rather than going for XP. It was boring to start then. So I thought I would go have a conversation with the boss.

I knocked his cabin door which was open as usual. “You can always walk into this cabin sweetheart” The 30 year old, married thoughtful team leader said, still looking at his terminal’s screen.

“Do you detest your wife”

“hell no”

“Then why don’t you spend some time with her”

“I do, but she is not at home now”

“Oh so she has not been at home for the past month”

“Ya she is in her Mom’s place. We are gonna have a baby”

“Wow that’s great news you never told me”

”You never asked.”

“Hello how do you expect me to ask every married man here whether his wife is pregnant”

“Ok Chill. I was just kidding. Well so what brings you here so early?”

“Don’t change the topic. First tell me, where is the treat?”

“Nandhini Palace”, with a chauvinist smile.

“You know that, don’t you?” the mysterious smile.

“You know what happened yesterday”

“I knew what was going to happen day before yesterday. In fact I chose the place. Hope you liked it, and your favorite Kanimozhi is the one who prepared the dialogue”

“What? But I never expected this from you”

“Hey why are you getting so pissed off?”

“No I am not but…”

“Hey hold it. How do you feel about me?”

“What kind of a question is that?”

“Just tell me. How bossy or friendly I am”

“Hmm.. you are a perfect mix thought I didn’t know much about you”

“Well everyone in this team are good friends, and I ain’t no exception”

“So you advised Gokul on how to propose to me”

“Not exactly, not just me”


“Half the team here did”

“What the hell”

“Of course dear. You have become our princess here in these few days. No wonder someone fell in love with you, and Gokul is not a bad match either”


“Ya we know. It’s too early for you to marry someone, but nothing wrong in him opening his love to you. May be he will never get a chance again”

“Hmmm.. but still I am not convinced”

“Hey Gokul is kinda shy. May be he sounds nerdy, but he is fun to be with when you get along”

“Hello I am not speaking about him, but you”


“No, everyone of you”

“Oh dear, we are sorry if that was something that annoyed you. Look”, turning to face me for the first time.

“Opening up someone’s heart to someone he is in love with is natural, and is in no way wrong as long as he is honest. It’s now up to you to make a choice, and we are not going to interfere in your decision. None of us will ever speak about this anymore I promise”

“Hmmm.. I am sorry if I sounded rude”

“Oh dear. You are always our cute little princess. Never mind” Of course I was the youngest in the team, younger than Bagya and Padma, but that was bit too much exaggeration.

I remained silent. A few of our team members were already there. I didn’t know whether I should stay or leave. Confused I just remained seated next to him.

I started thinking. If all these people recommend Gokul, he can’t be a bad choice and I needed something to get rid of Shantanu madness. I was getting near a decision.


pulsars said...

Hey nice one again...

Its becomin a habit for u to hang up ur story in suspense at the end ...

The story is gettin just warmed up now.. hope things get hotter ...

Nice post .. keep up the good work..

Elvia said...


Thanks :-) but I feel that I am boring u ppl with too much of this love stuff.

padu said...

this one is very interesting.......
talking about talking the language..u gotta improve ur tenses in sum places and use different words......

Elvia said...


I read it again but I am too dumb to spot the errors. Will u be kind enough to spot them out for me.

BTW abt the words, I have run out of words in my lexicon will try finding some more from dictionary.

Nathan said...

Now you would have learnt more about the working environment and what kind of gossiping and all would have gone beside you.

No necessity to make decision because of others dear. It should be yours and love is something which you should feel and not a logically made decision.

Good english there this time

Elvia said...


Hmmm.. but it's not my decision.

Thoorika said...

Make your own decision Elvi!!! It should not be based on others !! Nice idea.. proof reader's one!! :D But am sorry i cant help!!! Am in a condition which is worse than urs !!! :)

Elvia said...


I am helpless yaar. I badly want to listen to my heart, but there is no response for it's beats. What shall I do?

pulsars said...

Love never bores elvia..

And too eagerly waitin for ur decision......

"At the end u ar responsible for what u ar.."

so decide wise..

pulsars said...

Love nevers bores elv..

"u ar responsible for wat u ar"

so make ur decision wisely..

Waiting for ur next post[:)]..

Anonymous said...

no comments, and don't listen to others, maybe there's no response to your beats... but hell, who cares?

learn to take everything in the stride, and be happy abt the air ticket, not often do you see people "brothers marrying sisters" and a guy who loves a girl, and later calls her a sister, is as good as nobody...

a person-x who truly loves person-y will never back off or call that person-y a sister, just because she is thinking it over !

2 cents, from an LXpert, who's seen 50+ couples through to marriage.

Elvia said...


Who cares? hell I care.

BTW pls sorry for confusing u. Pls do read it again carefully.

if Gokul calls me a sister then why would he say he will wait for me..

Srivatsan said...

love never bores and hearing love feeling from a girl's side never bores men!its kind of sadism,yet we love when girl longs for man's love! :D

If you need to introduce more new words,then I suggest readin' "lord of rings" by tolkien.There are lot of words in his three books,which are not in use or misused now.

Elvia said...


lol :p

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