Shantanu's Call (XLV)

This post is dedicated to ma followers Iron Monkey, Pulsars,Ravi Rahul and Rajitha.

I told myself, ‘Shantanu is just a friend’. May be, he is not just a friend, might be one of the best ones, like Anu or Divya. Lost in such thoughts, I was sitting in my room in the company’s guest house staring through the window. Mobile rang on the table, which I noticed only after a few seconds.

‘Shantanu’ the name flashed. The ring tone ‘heart will go on’ pleasantly echoed. I was looking at the mobile, like in a spell. I didn’t attend the call nor did I ignore it. With hesitation I slowly reached for the mobile.

The pleasant melancholic tone of Celine Dion’s voice ceased, and the room back to its usual grave silence. The two other girls are out to enjoy the scenic beauty of Bangalore.

My heart beats faster now. I am practically shivering with my mobile in hand. I repeated to myself, I am losing a good friend to my stupid hormonal attractions. I don’t want to lose him. Thoughts raced in my mind. My thumb in an impulse pressed the green button.

For every ring my lungs widened to intake more air to give more oxygen to my fainting body. Breathing hard I burst out, “hello Shantanu, sorry I were busy with something else, couldn’t attend your call”

“Hey cool, you sound disturbed, will talk later if you are busy”

“No no I am fine.. free, tell me”

“Just like that, we are missing you here, when are you coming back to college”

‘Missing’, ‘we’ who are those comprised in that ‘we’ or is it just a safer side of ‘I’.

“Heard that you are not allowed into office on Sundays so guessed you must be free”, his voice disturbed the racing thoughts. It’s time for me to speak a word. He is clearly cautious about the way I avoided him.

“Ya ya I am free now. Miss office on Sundays” I smiled.

“Computer wizard! Getting too workaholic huh?”

“If you call me a wizard what will you call these people”

“ok ok enough of your modesty. Hope you know we have our college elections in a week”

“Oh that’s why you called me, fine don’t worry anyway I will not be voting for your side” I chuckled.

“Then you are going to vote for Kiran’s best friend, he is one of the key campaigners in the opposite side”

“I will be there by this Friday at the earliest”

“Well the elections are due only next Wednesday, and I didn’t call you on account of elections, it’s just..”

“hey hey sorry I was just kidding, anyway I will try my best for your cause. See what you have for me”

“For you, I will be the cultural secretary this year, if we win, but for that I have killed myself in elections for more than a year”

“You! I didn’t ask you for any ‘post’. See what I can do for elections. What part I shall play in campaigning. I am not power thirsty and will never run behind posts”

“Sorry sorry, damn my language, anyway you have a good, big friend’s circle and you have earned a good reputation amongst juniors, you must make a difference even in the last minute, just send a mail to your juniors and friends who are close to you asking them on their stand”

“But as you said they have some honor for me, but if I get into elections won’t they feel bad about me?”

“What use is their honor if they couldn’t do something for you?”

“You have learned to speak well like a politician. You remind me of the heroes in the Jeffrey Archer’s novels”

“Hmm… fine then, Shantanu will be the Prime Minister of India someday”

“Ok k fine, so how is college?”

“ya it’s still standing”

“That’s a lame joke”

“Oh sorry I am not as witty as Elvi to crack cool jokes”

“Heard the elections are getting a little violent, keep your ass safe”

“Don’t worry about my ‘ass’ it’s perfectly guarded”

“Oh black cats, huh?”

“Kinda.. ya. I am not moving alone anywhere. People don’t let me alone”

“Oh the reputed key leader, well, very well, waiting to see you walk with a dozen guys walking behind you”, chuckles

“If only you are here, you will also be in a similar security circle”

“Ha I am no where near your election stuff, and I will never be wishing for such a following”

“Fine fine, you will be as far away from elections as possible, but only extending your support for us”

“Ok Mr. Prime Minister, Elvia is at your service”

“It’s the Cultural Secretary now”

“Whatever, See you in college, so when do you want me there?”

“ASAP, you said Friday”

“Friday!!! Well, I ll try”

“So sweet, waiting for you”

“Ok bubye”

An unknown illumination surrounded my environment, a feeling of freshness. I got rid of this love madness. I am very clear now. I am back to normal and Shantanu is my good friend. With these cheerful thoughts I called Anu. “hello”

“Hey Shantanu is in Bangalore…”


Whiz Kid said...

Much better English :)
Nice suspense in the end.

Eric said...

this time i am not going to point anything out :P (for obv reasons or this comment wont stay)

lol read through the whole post again... word by word.. u ll know when u get there... change it :D

Elvia said...

@Whiz Kid

Pls don't tease me


Thanks man, gr8 help :p

BumbleBee said...

Hey! I was serious.

Elvia said...

@Bumble Bee

Serious About?

Eric said...

close call :D

P.S. nice end to the post :)

KLN said...

Now, you have kept us waiting for the next episode in anxiety... :) Hey do you know, if there is a method by which followers of a blog could get to know if a new post has been put up.

Elvia said...


If u r serious, you can subscribe to posts. Check the subscription link in the side bar :-)

Thoorika said...

ah.. nice !! Of late all ur posts has a twist in the end !!!

Elvia said...


Ya u ppl keep encouraging me calling even simple things a twist, so I made it a habit :p

Nathan said...

There Elvia, getting to know the art of making people curious. Purposefully having breaks at the twists and turns.

Making the reading more interesting. Impressive.

Carry on dear.

Elvia said...


I think I messed it up in the next post, waiting 4 ur comments

Anonymous said...

Certainly a twist as thoorika mentioned, and thanks for the dedication... the english is tad bit better than the other posts as someone mentioned...

Elvia said...


Ya will be at least acceptable when I finish this novel :p

Srivatsan said...

'The pleasant melancholic tone of Celindion’s voice ceased, and the room back to its usual grave silence.'

celine dion,isnt it?
and the room 'came' back to its usual grave silence.
Did you mistyped intentionally or ??

Elvia said...


Thanks for pointing out. BTW just back is fine i guess

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