A New Dawn (LXXVIII)

Reviewed by Ironmonkey.

After spending time with Shantanu, I came back to our hostel. By then, almost everyone who knew me, were informed of me not being able to attend the placement process. Though a few idiots asked questions like ‘Why didn’t you attend?’ or ‘Why didn’t they let you in?’ But mostly people were considerate, and they spared me off the mundane things.

I waited for mom’s call in the evening, and I opened up both about my arrear, and it’s consequence of me not being able to attend my dream company’s placement process. Mom felt sad, yet she didn’t get annoyed. I was more afraid of dad, but he said simply nothing. All he did was that, he tried to comfort me.

Opening up things to my parents gave me peace of mind. I felt very relaxed. It seemed like years of my dream, which crumbled in a minute, can’t keep me distressed for more than a day.

Anu came back cheerfully, but suddenly turned dull on my sight. I without a sign of melancholy, enquired about her chances. She was excited, and she completed all her 7 rounds. She was almost confident on getting through. Though my failure hurt me somewhere, I was profoundly happy that Anu had done well.

By 8.30PM the list of candidates, who got selected was announced. Anu’s name was on the top of the list of the 4 names. Sivathanu of our class also got in. Bhagya didn’t make it. She went till the last round, but was eliminated in the 7th round. Anu’s dad was also greatly excited.

Juniors flocked our room to ask Anu about the placement process. Anu looking at my face, which failed to cheer up in spite of all efforts made to conceal my dullness, promised them to explain everything in detail later.

Almost half our class girls were there, congratulating and sharing her interview experiences. All attempts of Anu to keep them away for my sake failed. I cheered up a bit, and joined them. For the first time in years, I felt like I was no more the cynosure.

After late night people left our room for us. Anu glowed like a candescent doll. She came near me, but she was confused on what she should tell me. So I asked her, “So where is the placement treat?”

She looked like she still couldn’t make out my mood, so she just replied a weak smile. After a few moments of silence, I said, “Ok dear I gotta sleep. We have classes right from the first hour tomorrow.”

I wondered, whether I should call Shantanu. It’s been more than 2 months since we had not been bidding good nights. I had no option of ego, and he had not till then brought the topic about vodka. I was confused, yet I made the call.

“Hi Shantanu”

“Hi dear. Hmmm... how is Anu. I wanted to congratulate her, but she must have already been very busy.”

“Ya she had been busy, just now people left our room. I guess she is still awake. Do you want to talk to her?”

“Hmmm… never mind. I will talk to her tomorrow.”

“She might mistake you, if you don’t congratulate her now.”

“She won’t. Anyway if you insist pass on the phone.”

I put the phone on speaker mode. “Hey Anu.”

“Hi anna. Thanks a lot. I am really sorry I should have called you right after the results, but many people were around so I couldn’t call you.”

“Oh come on no problem. So how does it feel?”

“Feel!!! Simply awesome. I never ever expected I would be one.”

“Ok sweetheart, will talk to you tomorrow.”

“Ok na thanks again. Good night.”



“Ok honey good night. Love you”

“Love you too darl. Good night”

I hung up, and turned to Anu, “Why do you have to thank him.”

“I was startled, when you were not allowed to attend the placement.”

“Only Shantanu had urged me to go ahead. He said that I had to prove that you would have got in Microsoft if only if you had been allowed to attend. This gave me the urge to give my best.”

“Not just that he walked with me till the exam hall, and ensured that I attend. His words gave me great moral support. And also the points given by the contacts he gave us were all really helpful in the process” She added.

I lay on bed thinking of a new dawn. I was profoundly happy. I had nothing to worry about. I was perfectly gratified, and more than all that, I was at peace of mind.


arian said...

Ahh!! i knw how it feels!!
superb write up!!!

Srivatsan said...

"He said that I had to prove that I should prove that you would have got in Microsoft if only if you had been allowed to attend.”
I think it should be "i should prove" and you have repeated it!

Take care of the pace man!Its slowing a bit!

Awaiting the next chapter!

Elvia said...




Ya I ll make the change.


I m nt in the same situation as I was in a month ago :(

aks said...

superb write up !
and an apt heading too.
to me, this is probably one of the best posts of your blog.

lied? its generally used when you want to use 'lie' in the context of something being false.
In your case, you should have used 'I lay on my bed' :)

PS: this comment should have come earlier but i beleive the point where you brought in Shantanu to write a few posts was a masterstroke. you were getting a bit boring :P and he made it lively again ;)

Elvia said...


Thank U :)

Will soon make the correction.

U mean 'master stroke' should hav come on some post of Shantanu?

U could have very well added that comment in that post :)

Thoorika said...

hmmmm... Happens dear!! you have to be cool at such times !!!!

Elvia said...


Ya I had to :(

rahul said...

cheer up..whatever happens, happens for the best.there might be better opportunities waiting for you.
Nice blog..do keep writing!!

Elvia said...


Thanks :)

arian said...

waiting eagerly for the next!!!

arian said...

knock knock!!! Anybody there???

Nathan said...


It has been long since this post and waiting here eagerly.

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