Unfortunately the Unexpected (LXXVI)

Reviewed by Ironmonkey. 

Not just Elvia everyone around there was shaken up to see her results. She passed compilers with a ‘D’. It doesn’t matter she passed, and there was nothing to be surprised of, as most of us knew her mental predicament on the day of the exam.

It was not because of the D we were all shaken up, but it’s the ‘U’. She had an arrear in Compilers Laboratory. May be because, she cheated over in the mini-project. We had no idea. But it was no time to wonder about that, the truth was that she had an arrear.

She was broken down. We had no words to console her. I called Shantanu, and asked him to speak with her. But he was more broken up than she was. Not because he too had an arrear in compilers lab, but because he felt very guilty, and considered himself the whole cause for Elvia getting an U.

Seniors told us about how psychotic that guy was. Elvia was one of those very few who managed 20+ out of 25 in the assessments and in the semester exam of compiler lab. But there was no stopping our faculty from awarding us whatever grade they think we deserve.

Some of our seniors said that with Elvia’s track records it was certain that, she can make a plea to the committee, and get things straight, but ‘When?’ and ‘With what consequences?’ by complaining about a senior faculty of our department.

Seniors advised of peace. To personally apologize to him touchingly, so that, he would pass Elvia the next semester. But still that was a black mark, something with which she had to live with for the rest of her life. She couldn’t get a distinction regardless of however high CGPA she managed to maintain.

We soothed her, saying that, she had to concentrate on Microsoft, as luckily the criteria set for attending Microsoft placements was a CGPA above 8.0, and there was no mention about arrears anywhere.

Elvia got over it. We decided not to tell about this to her parents. At least not until they hear the happy news about Mic. We made ourselves prepared to put all the knowledge we had acquired over the years into action. Just like in legendary tales, where they used to say after 7 hills, 7 oceans and 7 fires you have a box filled with treasure, we had 7 deadly rounds in the placement process for Microsoft.

Our senior Bhavya akka got placed in Microsoft the previous year. She dropped by our college on our request. She conducted mock interviews for half a dozen girls, who had good prospect of getting placed in Mic. I was reluctant, but Elvia pushed me in. I didn’t do it well.

Elvia and Bagya were the only two, who made it upto her satisfaction and Bhavya while leaving advised Elvia that she can ask for an internship in Mic in her 7th sem hols. She was that confident that there is nothing that could stop Elvia from being in Microsoft.

We were waiting before the placement cell for our placement officers to direct us to the hall, where the first written round will be held. Elvia got over her arrear agony. She was all set to be an employee of the dream company of any Computer Science graduate. She was seldom nervous, but she was excited, and looked more like setting her foot into the company on her first day, than attending the placement process.

The chief placement officer came out, and made the announcement, “Today we have people from Microsoft here to take the best among you people, as their future employees. The salary is 9.5lakhs per annum with added incentives. More than all that, it’s Microsoft.” He paused for a smile. He continued, “All of you who meet the criteria follow me. As you all know the criterion is a CGPA of 8 and above, with…”

Back to Elvia.


IronMan said...

no history of arrears.

Elvia said...

U r nt supposed to disclose that :(

Aanand said...

illaati mattum is it that difficult to predict? :P
especially bcos i am a CEG alum :)

Aanand said...
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Shmruthi said...

Tats awful !!! :( Unfair !! But you wud nt have got ur marksheet by then na.. So the marksheet that u have in hand wont have any arrears .. Wont tat help Elvy?

Thoorika said...

Lolz! For once we are able to continue the line easily! :D

Elvia said...

First of all that's something easy to predict as THoorika has pointed out, the line was left out for u to predict that.


It's not CEG :p


But the placement cell officers are worse psychos that they ll cancel the offer once they find out :p

Nathan said...


It is becoming more and more tragic. Even for a cinema I prefer to go for a movie which gives a Happy climax. Hope something of that sort happens here too.

Flow has improved.

Elvia said...


Sry abt that :p

Anyways the tragedy is coming to an end in the next post :)

pop said...

chanced on the blog/novel a couple of days back...

u seem to have missed industrial visits tat r usually oen of the most memorable times in col...

while the rest of ur blog have a semblance of reality (tat does not mean its without contradictions), the one abt the entire office in internship givin ideas to woo u is jus like the story of the next yash raj film... :D

janani said...

Hey Elvi,
Regarding the flow ,its so far so good.But kinda boring these days either bcoz u get into too much details or u dont portray all the colorfull details of college life.Keep posting frequently which by itself will bring you audience.

Elvia said...


Ya I could see the last few posts are getting weary. Things will be back to form from the next. I promise :)

Srivatsan said...

Well,you're becoming obsessed with Mic,I think!:P
may be it was your dream;yet in fiction,it may slow-down the pace! Try to give some elements that the whole audience(readers) can feel rather than only anna univ-ians:P can !
And punctuations are good now and also the flow.
Keep rocking

Elvia said...


Cetainly I myself am bored :p

arian said...

Sad sad..but this will reunite the lovers i feel...shantanu cant see his girl fighting all dis all by herself..he has to offer his sholder...

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