5.The 1st Asses(ments)

Every now and then, I did come across girls, who talked about guys in the way they should be talked about. Unfortunately none of my roommates looked like one of those girls. 

It was our second week in College. The fine morning sunlight filling the amply ventilated classroom; the chirping of birds that celebrated the end of tropical summer; it was typical pleasant morning. We never expected our class advisor will ruin the mood of the morning.

We were balled over, when our class adviser coolly (coldly) told us that out 1st assessment tests were a week away. We, may be at least they, panicked, as internals count for nearly 50% of the total marks, and this test will contribute to more than 20% of the final total.

The entire hostel block turned grave, with everyone pouring over notes and books. Those who haven’t bought books flew for the nearest book stores, or placed orders at the in house stationery with an ‘urgent’ tag.

I missed my laptop, as dad asked me to wait for a couple of months, before I take my PC to hostel. So, I had nothing to do, other than sitting with those girls.

On the week of the tests, girls either stayed awake beyond mid night, or got up well before dawn. I gifted with a skill for remembering things, with an added analytical ability to quickly grasp concepts, or at the least gifted not to worry too much about marks, had a sound sleep, withal the disturbance by the girls, who were awake. 

By the next week, all our 7 tests of 1st asses were over. Somehow, I earned an image that I was a worthless and despicable student. Most girls who knew me started avoiding me, opining that I would spoil them.

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jibak said...

Self-confidence ...hmm... :)

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