10.Life getting Collegic

The 4 of us had become good friends. We visited a nearby temple that Friday, our first outing. Mom permitted me for the following reasons:
1. It was a temple.
2. It was near by.
3. Most importantly, I am going only with girls.
Sorry couldn’t help it, the engineering exam answering style.

Certainly I had to get permission from my mom to leave the campus. After all, I was then a kid.

Many of our college girls and guys were seen in the temple, most of them in deep prayers. I wondered what they might pray, ‘God please let me be my class topper’ or “Curse the PCMC guys we PCMBs are suffering in FOC because of them’ or even someone like me, ‘Please let something exciting happen in my life’.

*PCMC- Physics, Chemistry, Math and Comp sci. 
*PCMB- PCM + Biology.
*FOC- Fundamentals of computing a paper in our 1st sem.

We came across a few seniors as pairs. They looked like being in ‘a divine date’.

Anu whispered, “May be you will come here with Kiran in a month”. I had almost forgotten him. I didn’t think he was Handsome enough to dream about. Anyway Anu’s thought made me feel good. 

The 2nd assessments went well. This time the block looked a little relaxed than it was during the 1st asses. Even my roommates influenced by me, didn’t panic much, and stopped staying awake the whole night, yet they still made one hell of a preparation.

This time I missed a mark in math but Prashant got full marks again. There was one more topper, and that was Hari, the 11th rank holder. 

Hari came to me, I could feel my heartbeat rising, I smiled. “I scored a centum in math in +2. This college math is a bit different. Now I coped with it. Anyway thanks for that problem.” With a grim look he turned back.

All blood in my face drained out. The smile in my face disappeared. Divya consoled me, “Never mind these spooks”.

Things didn’t change much. I was still the topper in math amongst girls, and I had also scored good marks in other subjects.

To celebrate the end of 2nd asses Anu called for a movie, a cinema theater visit. I knew mom will not approve. I was no more a school girl, nor a kid. We left our hostel that Saturday afternoon after lunch to a cinema theater not so far away from college.

The first experience of movie with friends in a theater, the added thrill of being there without mom’s knowledge, was amazing. It was fun, guys cheering at us from a distance. On the way back, I suggested, a movie or an outing like that one every week. Other girls seemed to consider it.


Rocky said...

Sms lang :D

vicky said...

ur writing is great .seems like chetan bhagat has influenced ur blog:)

Elvia said...

Yup a lil. Thanks for commenting :-)

aravind said...

11 posts in just two days.............u seem too desperate but still it's fun reading them and i'm waiting for ur next one..............btwn don't reviele ur identity i think that may cause problems in future..............better stay this way.........just had some bitter experiences in my past

Elvia said...

Thanks a lot both for the complement and the advice. I ll not keep u waiting for long :-) Thanks again :P

jibak said...

Your posts are very well written and interesting . I finished all of them in a single day....and look forward for more...

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