14. Back in College

The pleasant winterish autumn has begun. A hill station sort of an environment at the campus with trees everywhere contributing more to the mist, we failed to enjoy all this during semester exams.

We came to the college the evening before the start of the 2nd sem. Mom mantled my head in a mantilla to protect myself from the mist that had started soon after the dusk. I protested that I was not a kid but couldn’t fight her. Girls irrespective of whether or not they knew me giggled at me.

I carried my luggage back to my room with instructions from mom to come back soon. The sight of the cute little room of 4 was blissful. Maria was already there, she received me happily with a sigh of relief. She said that Anu was on her way and will be there in a couple of hours and Divya will be starting that night from her hometown and will reach hostel by dawn. 

I knew all these as I was in touch with them, but I didn’t care to remind Maria of that. I came down with Maria. The usual boring pleasantries exchange. I cut them short and said we are going back to room. 

Mom, “Well it’s almost time for dinner. You girls keep complaining about hostel food. Why not come with us for dinner?”

Maria, “Thanks aunty but I am not feeling hungry now. Besides mess food will be fine today.” She ventured in a desperate attempt to cut off from them.

Dad, “Let’s go to some good restaurant and in the city traffic we will not start dining at least for half an hour, get in the car”.

It was plainly commanding than suggesting so no more arguments. By the way that was not a bad idea. We reached a good restaurant that was just 3kms away after traveling for almost 15mins. 

We settled and placed our orders in another 5mins. It’s was then only 20mins from the time we started from our hostel. Dad often used to emphasis on being accurate. This was one of the reasons for my math abilities.

That was not so significant but still I thought dad got wrong this time. I sneered silently contemplating on pointing out dad’s approximation.

Our first order was served only after another 10mins. ‘Sh*t he got it right by coincidence’. But I knew it isn’t true. It’s typical of hi-fi restaurants to delay the orders that even the starters need starters.

We drove back to college. I saw a lot of hostel guys dragging their baggage to their respective blocks. There was not enough lighting for me to ogle at them, ‘how sad!’ 

Mom and dad showed no sign of bidding good bye. I broke the never ending list of advices and instructions and said “Ok mom dad bye take care. I will be fine see you” and attempted to turn back slowly and they did reluctantly bid adieu.

We were stopped by a sudden flare in mom’s voice, “Anu dear how are you? You look so tired”. I could see Anu trying hard to smile with the loads she was dragging towards them.

I ran back and hugged Anu. Dad proved his memory skills, “Anu how is your dad after the attack. Is he alright now? Guess it’s his first attack”.

Anu, “He is ok now uncle. Doctor said there is nothing to worry, but asked him not to strain much”.

Me, “Ok dad she is already tired, see you”. 

Mom, “Ok girls take care of each other”.

I helped Anu carry her luggage. We could hear dad talk to mom, “These girls don’t want parents anymore except for funding them”.

Back in room we were fighting each other on who will narrate their horrible holiday tales first. Anu was telling us about the handsome tutor at her computer class, and I protested my Karate class guy was macho. In course of the cheerful discussion Maria suddenly turned dull.

Noticing it we looked at her, “The results will be out in a week. I guess I would fail in EG.”

*EG- Engineering Graphics.

We cheered her up that she would have done it well and there was nothing to worry about. We continued the never ending gossips throughout the night, even after switching off the lights.


aravind said...

ur college life is really roking...............this is the first time i'm seeing a grl who is so desperate about guys............i never expected that people like u existed on this earth

Elvia said...

Thanks. Btw looks like though u look smart u r not so good with girls.

At least half the girls in my age group are more desperate than me. U ll learn all that in course of the blog :-)

vaishu said...

90% of the girls are like that... But most of them don't say it out loud!!!

Elvia said...


Thankfully u r nt one among that 90 i suppose :)

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