2.The Day of Admissions

I collected the admission letter after my choice got confirmed in counseling. I had to visit the campus in a couple of weeks after counseling to complete the admission formalities. Not a night passed without me dreaming about college life. The scenes of guys and gals hanging in and around the institute never left my eyes. 14yrs of schooling in a girls’ high school left me desperate for a change in environment.

As soon as we entered the campus, my mind started to vagabond, my heart flying over cloud 9, and the very soul was in some sort of an exotic bliss.

I was with my dad and mom. Dad checked for the fee DDs and the necessary documents for the nth time.

As we had come early we just toured around the campus. Usually non-staff vehicles were not allowed inside the campus, but dad’s authority needed no questioning. The campus in itself is a wildlife sanctuary, but I could see nothing other than monkeys apart from exotic trees.

There were excitement filled voices everywhere. Guys and gals with their folks were fiddling with their documents.

After ages we were led into the college auditorium where we had to undergo a long sequence of formalities one for every single paper in my folder.

The audi was air conditioned with a seating capacity of around 800 people. The portraits of a few national and regional leaders were hung on the walls of the audi. There were a dozen exits apart from the main entrance all with polished teak doors.

I was seated in the hall marveling the campus that was going to be my home for another 4 years. I had nothing to feel tensed of, as I was more than confident in dad’s planning and organizing things. There wasn’t a possibility that I would have missed anything that I am supposed to have.

One by one we were called for the long succession of procedures. Instead of concentrating for the sound of my name, I was looking forward to know the names of the smart guys, whom I recognized seeing in the counseling hall.

After finishing the last formality of being photographed for the college ID card, I came out to join dad and mom. Seniors were marketing various clubs in the college with booklets describing the functions and benefits of being a member of their club. I joined a couple of them.

I didn’t want to go home so soon. I consoled myself that I will be back there in a week’s time for the first day of my engineering. Bidding adieu to the flora and fauna we drove past the main gate.

On the way back home, for the nth time dad advised me to keep up the pace, as I had to fight better competition at college. He wanted me to retain my place, at least as one of the toppers.

Nevertheless my mind kept musing over, ‘How many of those guys will propose me!’ ‘After all, grandpa often calls me a beauty queen!’ Or ‘Will I have stiff competition with other girls!’ At least will these guys ever open their hearts to a girl or will they only keep their books open!!!

I laughed over my silly thoughts, but those were the ones that make life colorful. I had no worries about my academics at school; neither would I worry about them in college. I pledged myself that I wouldn’t let the last part of my golden age go vain.

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jibak said...

Like the previous episode, this episode is also promising and up to the mark....

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