Dreams Come true (I)

After all the 14yrs of schooling, and the spine breaking efforts of the previous year at school, everything was going to pay off.

I was in that sanctuary, the education sanctuary for all knowledge thirst wannabe engineers. The cool zephyr caressing the leaves of the umpteen trees, the branches gently waving back and forth as if welcoming me in, made my saturated desire to be a student in that institute get stronger.

Like every other candidate, I was waiting with my folks for the authorities to call us in.

Only one person was allowed to accompany a candidate into the counseling hall. I walked into the hall with my dad, leaving behind my mom, uncle and grand parents. Yes it looked like a picnic in that lush green campus.

I was before a terminal in the hall. I was trying my best not to ogle at all those guys around, in their sweet 17s and 18s, and concentrate on the matter at hand. I had already listed my priorities 1st ECE because of strong undeniable recommendations from friends and relatives; 2nd CSE; 3rd ECE at the 2nd best college in spite of Dad’s persuasion to choose EEE in the top college.

I was wondering how many of them were their respective school toppers like I, and how many were 'all centums' in the 4 main subjects. Just then my thoughts were interrupted by the terminal operator's voice, "All seats under general for ECE are filled". I thanked God, for I had heard electronics would be horrible.

I started to fully concentrate on the terminal screen, as I badly wanted CSE in the top college, and not ECE anywhere for that matter. My prayers were answered, and I got CSE in the most touted, prestigious engineering college in the province, and one of the best in the country.

I thought I will have a nice time in college as pictured in movies. I imagined computer science will be all fun. However, I was proved wrong later.


Naresh said...

RV uhh!!!

Elvia said...


jibak said...

I started reading your novel, and its just superb...continue with the good job, and may you emerge as another promising indian author....

Elvia said...


Thanks :)

vaishu said...

I just sarted to read your blog :) Hoping more fun lies ahead of me... And oh ya "I was proved wrong too!!"

Elvia said...


Sweet that u hav commented. Well wish there would be some disclaimer abt college life :p

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