16. Not the only one

After the nap we got up one by one. As usual my room started getting crowded. Our new friends from other depts were also there. We were gossiping aloud about their classes, lecturers, professors the most dreaded psychos etc etc.

The conversation gradually shifted towards guys. I am not sure whether I started the context. The enthu in the group grew exponentially. Our room grew louder. Every gal passing by entered our room and joined in the never ending cheer.

I was amazed by Preethi Ravi’s (She mostly is called with her last name, never knew y) memory. Anu and Preethi were fighting with each other on whose account about a guy was more accurate.

Rumors also spread that so and so guy is seeing so and so gal. Aiswaria from manufacturing felt happy that the girls to boys ratio was less than 0.3 in her class. I guess myself and Anu for the first time felt sorry for being in the computer science dept with too many gals.

But we still were less than 1, so we felt satisfied though the feminist in me prickled about this lack behind of girls. 'Why are there too many boys in the top college when compared to girls?'.

Anu reminded me of Kiran. She seemed to be more interested about him than myself. She asked me to text him, but Divya stopped me from doing it. Anu couldn’t resist it, and she texted him as anonymous.

Kiran called her immediately, but she didn’t attend the call. He called twice and then berated her through texts with horrible cusses.

At dinner we met our seniors and collected extensive info on the lecturers and profs who had to handle us that semester. My dreams were torn between the tantalizing dudes trancing fantasies and the horrifying profs nigthmares.


Chriz said...

and the talks continue.. hehe.. fun to read such conversations

Elvia said...

Hey u look like botched Hrithik in this pic..lol

Lot more gravitating gossips await :P

Chronicwriter said...


yes! true i am a plastic version..

and glad to know that your silicon implants in your brain is working wonders through your writings.. hope you implant some on ur chest too..

Elvia said...


Hey I get confused if u use different IDs every time, or is that what u want..

Chronicwriter said...

i liked to see that you are confused..
have you heard of parallel ids?

Elvia said...

Nope the exact term.. whats that?

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