7.The First Guy

No more desolations or disgusting looks, as I was the class topper in math, the highly credited subject in our curriculum. I had also managed decent scores in most of the subjects. To my surprise even in the most boring college chemistry, I passed with decent marks.

People even started to help me out with my lab reports and workshop assignments, in exchange of practicing math with me. Divya at times got in duel with others to sit next to me. I never cared or longed for all this sort of treatment, but something else happened.

One fine morning, when I was sitting in our classroom one of those cute guys, whom I had seen in the counseling came to me, “Hello, I am Hari. My discipline is ECE, and I was ranked 11th in the state’s Engineering admissions”. The 1st line is good, 2nd not bad, but the 3rd, 'why do they have to attach this tag always? For how long?' Anyway I extended my hand, “Elvia, CSE”.

“I got struck in a problem, I don’t know how to proceed with the integration, Can you help me?” in a pleasing tone that, even Genghis Khan wouldn’t have said ‘no’.

I didn’t mind integration or differentiation, as long as I had got to speak with him. “Sure” trying not to sound desperate, I signaled him to sit next to me.

He sat a good one foot away from me. That was a tuff problem. Thankfully I solved it, or it would have been so embarrassing for me. If only I was not disturbed by his presence, I might have solved the problem earlier.

He was impressed. It looked like he would propose me, though not for my looks, at least for me solving that problem. I almost laughed aloud at this thought attracting a few weird looks.


vishnu vardhan reddy B said...

gud post

Elvia said...

Thanks :-)

manish said...

hey nice post..:)

jibak said...

Got an opportunity to view from a girl's perspective...till now, i had the notion that its the guys who always seek chances to interact with girls...lol..

Priya Mathan said...

True! Thats truly a confession.. Good one :)

Elvia said...


THanks :)


We are humans as well.


lol :p

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