25. Action at the theater Doors

The next day we were to a shopping mall and were roaming around doing window shopping. My cousin had a very big movie collection and we went to his place to collect them in my activa which dad bought me on the excuse of missing +2 tuitions. Riding around the city in a 2 wheeler was great fun.

We missed the cinema theaters, dad will not approve but yet we really are getting too bored after a week of only roaming around our area and watching movies at PC. So we told mom that we are going out to shop for Anu and we left for the matinee show. Right from the beginning of the movie a group of guys were pestering us, we didn’t mind it much.

After the movie one of them hit Anu’s back with his palm and pushed my pony tail. I shouted back , “Hey How dare you do that?”

“Why do you also want to be hit at your back? Ask your friend how was it?”

Anu started crying, I, “See what will happen of you guys”

“Oh please please don’t do anything to us, we are sorry..” comically mimicking like they are scared and laughed for themselves. I felt like blasting them off myself but didn’t think that’s a good idea.

“You guys will pay for this..” and we started moving out.

“Oh you are going to the police huh? Uncle uncle police uncle that guy has hit my back..” laughing aloud, louder this time. A feeling of red hot iron running through my veins. I gave a thought about police but I ruled it out for two reasons, one I don’t want to get caught by dad and other these bastards deserve something more.

Right outside the parking I called, “I am teased at Kirshna theater, my friend is crying they hit her back and pulled my hair, I feel very embarrassed” in a sob and put the phone near Anu for the other party to hear her weep.

We waited there for some 5minutes. Anu kept me pushing to move away but I am determined to see what happens to these son of b***hs. They came out of the parking place and they did notice us and started circling us and teasing us with obscene terms, Anu now crying more scared than agony. I am losing my temper.

The sight of the shiny black scorpio caught my eyes and my red hot face gave an elated smile. I could see their bewilderment and that didn’t last for more than seconds.

If not for their skins they all would have been broken down to pieces. But I wanted more, understanding that I am not contented they stripped those creeps of their clothes and I felt contented seeing them limp away with their half torn clothes.

“Why would you want to call us you would have just told them who you are”

“I wanted more than their apology such people need to be taught a lesson”

“Anyway you would have at least told us what exactly the problem is we wouldn’t have bought ten people for those kids.”

“I told him that we are being teased by a small mob”

“May be he is too caring of you, anyway you girls take care of yourselves we would better come with you till home”

“No we would be fine and I don’t want dad to know”

“Oh that’s why you called us, hmm.. ya and I hope they won’t even dream of disturbing you anymore, pity them, poor kids”

“Don’t call them kids and they don’t deserve your pity. Ok see you later bye”

“Ok relax, Hey by the way heard you are in college how is everything and if any problem don’t hesitate we have help even in your city”

“Oh good I know that thanks for the suggestion Dad already have people there”

“ Of course dad even has people here but why did you call us, so just in case give a ring”

“Hmmm.. sure” blushing wide.


Whiz Kid said...

Tamil heroine

Elvia said...

If it were for a Tamil heroine it wouldn't be her grand dad but her hero..lol

vijay said...

waiting for ur next post

Elvia said...

Sorry to keep u waiting too many projects and exams, anyway the next one will be up in a few mins :-)

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