20. This is Mashing

We cleaned up the mess. Anu felt tired after vomiting. We washed the place ourselves. Our first experience of porn was botched up. That night, I felt very uneasy. The onset of summer or the end of autumn made it more uncomfortable for me.

Life went on as usual. The 2nd asses results were coming out. We had started identifying class focus points. Raguvarman, the most geeky looking guy, we used to call him ‘Ambi’ derived from the movie ‘Anniyan’. That character in the movie depicted Ragu well. He was arduous, ethical and tooo sincere.

Ragu not only used all the text books, but also the references. He used a minimum of 4 books for every single paper, when a few never even cared about even a single book for the entire semester. He spoke lot about the books, he had more knowledge about their availability in libraries and book stores than the knowledge about the subject itself.

The other nerdy geek, Krishna, he was an active guy in the class, a 9 pointer in the 1st sem. You let him talk on any topic, and he will continue to talk till your tensile strength breaks of his assertiveness. I do agree he was nerdy, but why every word of him should boast on that fact.

One day during a morning break Krishna came to me and tried to make a conversation, “Hi”.


“hmmm..Have you finished the lab observation for PDS lab.”

“Ya, but I am not sure, how good it is.”

“Huh who cares, it is too much for that idiot that you have completed it.” With a sarcastic smile. “Hey don’t worry I am not going to ask yours for copying” continuing the smile.

I returned a dull smile.

Krishna continued, “Anyways my program works pretty well, by the way are you in NSS?”

“Yes, I am in unit II”, to avoid looking indifferent I added, “Are you also in NSS”

“Na, I joined NCC Navy, you know there are a lot of pretty girls in there..” with the same laugh.

I didn’t know whether I should snub him or feel great about his honesty, he continued, “Heard you have a sister, what’s she?”

“Nope I don’t have a sister, some people mistake my cousin for my sister”

“Oh so you and your cousin are so close. Cool, what’s she?”

“Ya we are, she is working as a SAP consultant in Hyderabad.”

“Oh where did she do her B.E.”

“B.tech from MIT in E&I”

“So she learned SAP privately”

“No she got trained in it from the company”

“These days IT companies recruit a lot of non-IT graduates and employ them with us, this is mocking, not to mention of these computer institutes, they…..”

The extempore continued for another 5 mins and thankfully the next hour Chemistry ma’am entered the class.

“Ok take care, talk to you later”

“Ok bye..” wondering how much more he has to speak on this topic.

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Whiz said...

Never heard the word being used in this context.
From where did you get it??

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