24. Back Home

Mom and dad came directly to the camp site on the last day. My friends wished that I travel with them to college. Even I didn’t want to miss the bus journey with all the extra loud cheering. Mom and dad followed our bus to college.

Initially, I felt diffident. I was unable to verbalize my inner excitement. Later it became sub conscious. I initiated the loud cheer whenever our bus overtook another vehicle. We waved to every passer by. Boys cheered whenever they came across a cute girl in the road, and you know what we did.

All good things have to end. Finally we reached college. I bid adieu to everyone after, numerous group photos at various spots; getting phone numbers and mail IDs. I left our college with a heavy heart. I wished, the camp continued for a few more days, but the sun and Kiran suppressed that thought.

We had to vacate the hostel, I already had my things at my uncle’s. I had plans to collect them back when I come back to college after holidays.

Mom and dad never stopped making fun of ‘computer akka’ throughout our journey home. I was bored of hitting them back. Certainly they didn’t fail to notice me being thinner and duller. Dad as usual started, “What are you going to do in these holidays?”

I didn’t know the answer yet. Dad proposed a computer class, and to continue my classical dance class, which I didn’t love much.

Mom thoughtfully suggested to invite my friends to our place. That really was an awesome idea, but I wondered, whether my friends would turn up. I called them instantly.

Anu had no choice. She badly wanted to be with me, than feeling lonely with her dad and grand ma. So she said she will come in a couple of days. Maria was not sure and Divya couldn’t come. She had a lot of plans for holidays. She had a lot of cousins and she would be having a nice time with them.

Anu reached that Friday morning. I was waiting for her for more than an hour. Southern railway as usual was late that time. Our annoyed driver felt relieved and enthusiastically carried her baggage to the car. We right then started planning for the days, after the usual big hug.

Mom beamed at the sight of Anu. "Welcome home Anu darling." For some reason Anu so emotional hugged my mom, and I saw a tear at the end of her eye. She was trying to make up. I pulled her out to not let her feel embarrassed. Mom had breakfast ready.

"Anu dear you must be tired of the journey. Refresh yourself with a shower, and we ll have breakfast."

Anu was about to say, 'It's alright..' She cut it out, partly on herself and also because of me stamping on her leg. "Ouch..."

"What happened!"

"Nothing mom..", I pulled Anu to my room.

"Sorry yaar, I.."

"Oh it's alright. Now, get yourself a shower. It's a strict No No to have breakfast without bathing." I winced.

"Ya ok.. nice habit. Well, hmmm, it's just that we sort of used to the hostel..", Anu winked, and left to the bathroom.

After breakfast we locked ourselves in my room. We were lost in talks and the music in my 7.1 surround speakers which were bought after a half a day fasting and huge struggle with dad. Mom banged at our doors for lunch.

We spent the rest of the day in my room watching movies; playing something silly and talking to mom. Over dinner, dad said, "Do you people have any fruitful plans for these holidays?". Our blushing explained it all. He didn’t continue the topic knowing it's pointless.


Whiz Kid said...

Hmm.. the lazy life. Just love it :)

Elvia said...

ROTFL true very true :-))

jibak said...

These moments are for an entire life to cherish...

Elvia said...


True they are :p

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