26. Simply Beautiful

Anu obviously was petrified. She didn’t speak a word till we reached home. We went back to our room.

After immense difficulty Anu, “Who are they?”

“They are my grandpa’s people”

“Don’t ask much about all that will tell you later”

For the next week we seldom left home except for my Karate classes. Anu reluctantly tried to be part of the class, my old karate suit perfectly fitted Anu.

Kiran never stopped messaging, ‘how are you honey’, ‘miss u darl’, ‘dying 2 c u’ loads of such irritating stuff.

I hesitantly created my profile in orkut as advised by one of my friends stating that it would be a very good time killer. I spent most of the time in the internet mostly stupid stuff like social networking, chatting with long lost relatives and cousins at far of places, getting to know new friends through small talk.

Anu kept watching TV and dreaming and mashing with that creep. Anyways we had my laptop and PC so that both of us can do pointless internet stuff without disturbing others.

Pitying us dad proposed a picnic to the hill stations. But myself, Anu and mom alone, it doesn’t seem good fun. So I tried again called every friend in college. Finally the final list Sindhu, Sangeetha and Swarna agreed to accompany us.

We borrowed dad’s friend’s Endeavor. Mom, myself and Anu started with plans to visit every one’s place and pick them up. To collect these 3 girls it took more than a day with breakfast, lunch and dinner at each one’s place.

The trip was thoroughly exciting. The best part is getting out of the car without bothering the sun. Ride through the dense forests at the western ghats, stopping at every site of a new species be it plant or animal, admiring the majestic forest elephants.

Anu, “I miss Kiran, if only he is here..hmmm”

Should you ask, Anu broke down as we four jumped on her. The best part of the journey, the stay in the estate bungalow at the Wahuwara estate a few kms away from Munnar. The cottage is so private. You could see only the lush green tea leaves on all sides, a few paces up the hill through the estate, a cute little water fall, which is a common phenomenon in that place.

Not just Anu now everyone of us couldn’t resist how romantic the place is. Swarna started planning her honeymoon in a similar cottage.

We choose a single big bedroom and decided that all five of us will stay there. At night in our bedroom, “ How nice it would be if we had some vodka and a porn movie now..”, Swarna.

“Oh heavens, had you vodka before?”


“Don’t bluff queen of fiction”

“Hey guys believe me, I did”

“oh k then when did you have it?”, “How did you get it”

“Once I were to my aunt’s place in Bangalore and I found this bottle in my cousin’s bedroom when I just was exploring his room when he went to college, I just tasted it a few mls and the feel was great”, with a pride like she has just revealed her Olympic achievement.

I, “Hey then lets try it out”

“Are you crazy?”

“How dare you even think of that?”

“Stop kidding”

After a momentary silence, “Hey are you serious”, I nodded.

“Ok then How will you get it?”

“So you girls are with me?”

“No way”, Anu.

“Hey please not when I am with you”, Sindhu.


prakash said...

it's boooring babe,write some interesting ones.

Elvia said...

Did u read the next post?

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