32. You being a topper..

Days passed by. Those were the happiest days of my life. We still met only inside the campus. We sat at various places for talks that are now not as stupid or dull ones as before.

We used to walk together around the campus. I used to wonder, at home, “Maaaaooomm...waaateer” I used to shout for water instead of taking those few steps.

But now, I have walked for 100s of steps but I still didn’t want to stop. Felt like I will walk for eternity if he walks by my side. We started getting each other well.

First date outside, I don’t remember who called whom. But we are now at the Ganesh temple which I used to go with my friends on Fridays. Last year this time I was wondering whether at any point in time I ll be in this temple with a guy, now it is a reality. I couldn’t avoid first years staring at us as we did last year.

Shantanu was more spiritual than myself. He feared God and literally used to talk to the almighty as if he is a good friend. He was well versed in all rituals and even for small things he pointed out the procedures, “You have to use your ring finger and don’t let any other finger touch..” lots of such things intriguing the theories behind all this.

I now stared losing interest in Algos and Datas nor structures whatever. Even Shantanu seemed to set aside trading. We never cared nor we did notice these changes.

Divya rightly warned me, “Hey how is everything?”

“Fine”, with a bright smile.

“You are having a good time with Shantanu”

“Yes, he is fine, we are good”

“Hmmm… take care of your academics”

“Don’t worry yaar I am fine, I am doing fine”

“I just wanted to warn you”

“Kind of you but I don’t need any warning”, I never in my life listened to advice nor I wanted to. I did what I felt is good. Till then I was never badly affected by this.

The 3rd assessment marks started coming out. I of course passed but not with the usual colors. Even Algorithms paper was not convincing.

That evening Divya came to our room, “Hi”


“Looks like your 3rd asses papers have come”

“ya they have”

“How are your marks”

”They are fine mama..”

”Don’t be humorous, heard you didn’t do them so well”

“Don’t you worry about that, it’s just best 2 out of 3 so I wantonly didn’t care much”, with a casual expression.

“All I could say is you really have to take care of your academics”

I just smiled back this statement didn’t ring a bell at least not as heavy as the following one, “ I really loved you being one of the toppers”


Twisted Elegance.... said...

hmmm so who is to be blamed? you or love?

You have a good friend who is giving you good advices!


Elvia said...

Ya I am really thankful for her :D

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