33. May be...

This post is dedicated to my first follower Twisted Elegance

That week Friday as usual, yes now it has become usual, we were in the Ganesh temple. After a moment of silence Shantanu opened, “I always loved you being a topper”

He continued, “I am proud to have such a friend”.

I couldn’t make out the meaning of the statements. Is he also urging me like Divya?

Something made me feel guilty. Everyone around me wants me to be good at academics except myself. It’s not that I am willingly out of studies it’s just that I had more blissful things.

I didn’t reply for those lines. He too didn’t add anything on that subject again. His words kept ringing around my head.

A moment it felt like he is also one such typical student of this institute who run behind marks or those who are good at getting them. He is not a topper rather he rarely cared about studies then why would he say that?

I couldn’t take it anymore that night I messaged him, “Why did you talk about academics at the temple?”

“Just like that”

“Hey, pls temme what did u mean by that”

“hmm.. nothing I just wanted you to be a topper always”

“y? u rarely cared about all that”

“Of course I never did, ‘coz I never felt it my cup of tea, but u r diff”

“Hmm.. so what do u expect from me?”

“Nothing more than ur frndship but I just wish u r good at what u really r and nothing will change whatever u r at studies”

“So u would like me get those big numbers in my answer sheets”

“yup and I also wish that I am not subject to acquisitions by ur frnds”

“How do u know? did Divya tel u something?”

“nope none told me anything, it’s obvious no one has to temme, anyway don’t get me wrong, I just said, do what u like, I ll always be ur good frnd by ur side”

This conversation gave me a powerful urge than the Microsoft dream. I started to bug myself more with my books and Anu’s notes.

Not just that I want him to feel proud but also I don’t want him to feel guilty for being my friend and pulling my marks down. This boosted the push.

Semester exams have started. We had one or two day gaps between exams. We still met on the evening of every exam day. He rarely spoke about marks or anything like that. May be, fearing that I wouldn’t like that.

Yes he truly cared about what I would like and what I don’t. He valued me a lot. May be, because he doesn’t have many such friends or may be…

Whatever, I liked being so cared, loved and more than that being treasured. Once Shantanu’s thought deviated me from studying but now they reinforced my concentration.

First time in life I did something to please someone else but may be it’s not just a someone.


Whiz Kid said...

When is my turn ;)

Whiz Kid said...

When is my turn ;)

Elvia said...

U haven followed my blog :p Anyways will do it sometime but u being a anonymous entity even if I dedicate, it doesn count or ppl may nt appreciate. They may think u r just another account of mine.

Naresh said...
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arjun said...

great going,2 months 35 posts

Elvia said...

So u r concerned abt only abt the number of posts, hmmm...

Whiz Kid said...

People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones at each other ;)

aravind said...

good going.............all the best for ur exams

Elvia said...

@Whiz Kid
I don completely get ur point. Btw i hav a reason to be in the dark.

Thanks :p

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