38. The Far Fetched Fight Plan

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Brain started working faster than a Quantum Processor. I tried all possible combinations, but I rejected every possibility feeling it as far fetched.

Now, it’s more than a second after the question. It’s high time that I reply something to avoid making her more dubious. I just terminated the thought process at a random choice.

The choice was, “Ma’am that’s kinda funny, I bet Anu that I will be able to go the mess and back to room within 5minutes”

“What?!? You girls are really getting bored at hostel without exams rite… Hmmm.. ok what where you clutching in your hands”

‘Shit!!! She noticed that too’, I could here myself say, ‘Say something Elvi say something’ and I came up, “It’s just a proof that I really reached mess, so I had to bring some salt”

“You better stop making this hostel a lunatic asylum”

“Sorry ma’am”, I blushed. She smiled back and left. I am not sure whether she believed the story yet, I am filled with a great feeling of relief.

All this time I had no time to think about that bastard. The suicide attempt and the subsequent cover up kept me busy for a while. Now, he flashed before me, the first sight of him drooling at me.

I wanted to kill him myself. I felt so powerless. For a second it even felt like can Gramp do it for me? ‘Shit! What happened to me?’, ‘I should balance myself and start thinking rationally’.

I couldn’t come up with anything good to avenge him. So I decided to tell this to someone and ask for help. I told this to Shantanu carefully avoiding the suicide incident.

“Hmm.. so you want your pound of flesh”

“Not just flesh I want his life”

“ok ok cool, stop talking like Poolan Devi”

“I am serious and you are making fun of me”, I feared whether I would tell him about the suicide attempt out of temper.

“Hey ok relax but I expected you are a pragmatic person, but now you are not making any sense”

“What do you mean? So you say that we have to just walk away after all he had done to her”

“Ok I will think of something and tell you”

“I at least want to hit him hard as hard as I could, only then I will feel at least a little comfortable”

“ok then lets do it”

“What do you mean?”

“Exactly what I said, hope you know I am learning Kung fu”

“Ya I do so? You are gonna beat him”

“Hmm.. not exactly but we, I have started learning only recently, but you are a Dan 2 in Karate”

“Are you kidding you mean we are going to whomp Kiran, but how?”

“Listen, Sifu was speaking of Ninja fight recently in one of our classes”

I am now listening like a kid listening to a fairy tale from her granny, he continued “So we plan a neat sketch to get him cornered alone. We make a guerilla attack in the dark”

“All this sounds good, pretty fine and exciting but, won’t he suspect us”

“Never mind he is into college politics and elections. Hence he has made himself a pretty good a target for such an attack.”

“Wow so I am gonna break at least a bone”

“You scare me with your rage”

”Don’t worry I will not hurt you as long as you don’t do that to me”, this line later rang in me, I had myself assumed him to be my boy friend without any solid reason.

He flirted back for the first time, “I would rather die in your hands”

I blushed forgetting that we are in an assaulting mood, he added, “By scared I meant that if you make any serious injury to him we will be in big trouble they may even start a police investigation”

“You don’t worry I have connections”

Laughing aloud, “You are too proud, then it’s upto you”

“Ok hey I believe all this assault plan is no joke, don’t expect me to calm down easily, I am vengeful than a snake, I will definitely have my revenge”

“Sure sure, I will meet you with a solid plan next time”


Nathan said...

There the kid in you shows up.

Stay cool and I wish more than your plan to hurt him physically I wish you can plan something to hurt him emotionally to make him to feel what Anu felt.

Hope you yourself will come out with some plans of that sort after completing your physical revenge.

Anyhow good composed writing. Keep it up dear.

Elvia said...


Ya till date we laugh ourselves on planning something like that :p

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