29. Mesmerizing Microsoft

The other most important subject in our entire B.E. course is algorithms. If data structures is LKG then Algo is UKG without which no further growth as a core software engineer is possible.

I loved it. For the past 14 yrs of schooling and 1 yr of college I rarely had a chance to realize or appreciate the practicality and the purpose behind the myriad of theories but now I can key in all those brilliant algorithms and see for myself.

In mess while speaking with seniors, Anu, “Harini akka, Elvia is becoming a programming wizard, she has coded all the algorithms that were thought till day”

“Oh Elvia aiming for Microsoft, huh?”

“Akka she is exaggerating I am just programming things that I feel interesting”

“Hmm.. so you are a natural”

Another senior Sukanya joined, “Ya, not everyone enjoy programming, it’s good that you do, keep it up”

“Thanks ka..”, I don’t know whether I was blushing.

This conversation sowed a non-existent dream and aim in me. Getting into Microsoft is of course lucrative but I never gave a thought about it before. Now I feel an unknown push an urge that I never felt before.

Every now and then I had short encounters with Shantanu. Either one of us used to start the conversation but we stop after a couple of exchanges.

One such short small talk during our NSS meet, “Hi, Why did you choose CSE?” an assorted yet a desperate attempt.

“I just thought I would enjoy college life” I honestly confessed failing to come up with a better reply.


I countered, “What about you?”

“I wanted to be a Robotician, I missed ECE, I were the district topper in Engg cut-off yet being an OC I missed ECE in a leaf”, with a melancholic expression.

He was too proud, I don’t know whether that’s bad. The conversation is over now as both of us couldn’t come up with anything for now.

He being a new comer in our unit we asked him to give an extempore on any interesting topic of his choice. He gave an exemplary talk on Dollar Credit Crunch that even Y.V.Reddy, the then Reserve Bank chief himself would have been impressed.

But people didn’t feel the same way as they are not in anyway related to Reddy or Reserve bank. So we urged him to speak on something interesting. He stood clueless.

“Talk about your girl friends, or at least about your crushes”, he was literally ragged.

He fumbled and tumbled for a couple of mins and walked down. Pitying him we didn’t bother him more.

On the way back I, “Why are you always serious”

“No actually I am… I really don’t want to be so serious but I am not good at humor”


Whiz Kid said...

Now this is a very very interesting guy :)
Wish there were many more guys in our coll like this :)

Elvia said...

Why do u want to hav many such guys in ur coll?

Whiz Kid said...

smart guys are good to be with.
u can sustain an intellectual conversation with them.

Elvia said...

lol so u r one of them :p

Thoorika said...

your clg seems to be pretty interesting !!!

Elvia said...

thanks :p For ur motivation and support :-)

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